Catalogue Number
Release Date
9th June 2017
1. This Is The Life / 2. Up And Down / 3. Falling To Fly / 4. And So It Was / 5. Under The Radar / 6. Spontaneous / 7. Ring The Changes / 8. Wild Thing
For Jo Burt, 'Spontaneous' is more than just and album and song title; it is a way of life. Following on from the success of his 2013 album 'Indestructible', which was a positive story of survival and looking towards a happy future; his new album 'Spontaneous' tells the tale of a man who, while content with his life and in his skin, is still striving for something; all the while putting his ubiquitous positive spin on every hooky song. Jo Burt is an English songwriter, storyteller, singer and guitar player possibly best known for his incredible history working with musical legends such as Freddie Mercury, The Troggs and even Black Sabbath over the past 40 years. In fact, his CV stretches even further, citing names such as Bob Geldof, Brian Setzer (Stray Cats), Tom Robinson, Dan Baird (Georgia Satellites), Nona Hendryx (Labelle), Roger Taylor (Queen), Rick Parfitt (Status Quo), Jane Wiedlin (The Go-Go's), Chris Spedding (Roxy Music), Jimmy Nail, James Rayne, 'I Got A Brand New Pair of Rollerskates' Melanie and most recently Deborah Bonham. It doesn't end there. Guest performances include Peter Gabriel, Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet), Noel Gallagher (Oasis), Kelly Jones (Stereophonics) and Mark Shaw (Then Jerico) to name the ones that he can remember! Growing up in a showbusiness family, it was fairly inevitable that Jo would take to the stage. Learning piano at an early age, he switched to guitar at 12 and amazingly enough, is entirely self-taught on both guitar and bass. Singing has always been second nature. After a fantastic few decades touring, writing and recording with some of the biggest names in the business, Jo pulled back from a life on the road to take an active role in raising his two sons. For years he played small, local venues in London and continued to write and record in his own studio. Jo and his band are currently on tour to support the release of the new album. They have also been booked to perform at Glastonbury Festival 2017.