Catalogue Number
Release Date
16th February 2018
No Barricades
1. The Vulture / 2. Tippin' Over The Wire / 3. Howl Into The Midnight / 4. Little Big Men / 5. In-City Blues / 6. Black And White / 7. Mr. Fake / 8. Texas Special / 9. It Wasn't Me Who Brought The Tears / 10. There Must Be Something In The Water / 11. Song For My Father / 12. Standing At The Station / 13. Wanna Talk About It / 14. You Upset Me Baby
Sam Kelly is a professional musician with more than 40 years in the business. His Station House band have been featuring on the UK music scene for many years. Originating from London's Station Tavern in the early nineties, the band were formed from the concept of an all-black blues band, mixing instinctive funk/soul rhythms alongside the diversity of the blues. Founder members Sam Kelly, TJ Johnson and Dave Clark were joined by lead singer, Root Jackson. The band held a monthly residency at the Station Tavern for more than a decade. Fast forward to 2009 when Sam re-launched the band, boasting a new line-up of Sam Kelly (drums, backing vocals), Paul Jobson (keys, vocals), Richard Sadler (bass), Tony Qunta (guitar, vocals) and Jerome Marcus (percussion, backing vocals). In 2016, a third lead singer, Rowena Poole, joined the band and this format continues to work at venues and festivals all over Europe and the UK. Station House are a 'groove' band. With three 'lead' singers supported by Sam's propelling drums and percussion, the result is an eclectic fusion of music that's thrilling to behold.