Catalogue Number
Release Date
21st April 2017
Faithful Satellite
1. Cold Grey Moon / 2. Raise Your Hands / 3. You Were Never Mine / 4. Fix My Bail / 5. It Ain't Ever Gonna Happen / 6. Winter Rose / 7. I Love You Anyhow / 8. Into Twilight / 9. Carolina / 10. Love Is On Its Way / 11. Land Of The Dead / 12. Beat Nightmare
'I was just into music,' says Joe Camilleri of his earliest days playing in bands. 'That was all I was interested in. I would live it, breathe it, eat it.' Forty-eight albums later, and his 20th –Faithful Satellite–with The Black Sorrows, and if anything he’s even more passionate than he ever was. He and longtime songwriting partner Nick Smith pretty much write every day, and ask Joe about a favourite song in his vast catalogue and he’ll tell you –the next one. There have been multi-platinum albums and, collectively, sales of over two million records worldwide. The Black Sorrows, in one form or another, haven’t stopped recording or performing since Joe pulled the thing together in 1983 –and he’s still playing 150 shows a year! His energy seems boundless, matched only by the passion and commitment with which he approaches every song, every record, every performance. Always prolific, he took the band into the studio with 30 songs from which 12 made the final cut for Faithful Satellite. And pretty much all bases are covered as the songs tumble through every kind of genre that has inspired Joe as a writer and passionate music lover himself over the years. The album is a kind of celebratory journey through the most vibrant musical styles of 20th century contemporary music and yet is always totally, unmistakably Joe Camilleri.