Catalogue Number
Release Date
16th June 2017
Live At Band On The Wall
1. Cregged / 2. Escobar / 3. Subjugate / 4. Crowd Warmup (skit) / 5. Lewisham / 6. Sammy Sammy Warne (skit) / 7. Corn On The Cob / 8. Toxic / 9. When I Point (skit) / 10. Hummingbird / 11. On Job (skit) / 12. Uncle Blaze / 13. Pendulum Medley / 14. Sexiest Man (skit) / 15. Sexy Sexy / 16. Sousamaphone / 17. Riot Jazz! (skit) / 18. Livin' On A Prayer / 19. 54-46 (Was My Number)
Riot Jazz Brass Band returns with their third full length album, Live At Band On The Wall. This is truly your closest chance to experiencing the unforgettable Riot Jazz live show in its full glory. The raw, unparalleled energy of Riot Jazz is delivered through 19 tracks, captured over two sold out shows in one of Manchester's most iconic venues. Upon hearing this record, your perception of the brass band soundscape will be blown wide open. You have heard nothing like it before. Experiencing the live shows takes you beyond studio albums; it's a real-time showcase of Riot Jazz's unbeatable talent both as musicians and showmen. The record hits you with their ubiquitous big brass sound - blinding solos, slick tightness, and MC Chunky's potent lyrics, infectious wit and innate rapport all lock in to complete beautifully catchy arrangements. The album opens with 'Cregged', a heavy hip hop chorus which slides into a 4-to-the-floor groove with the catchy melodies and smooth harmonies that Riot Jazz fans know and love. 'Escobar' follows with a montuno-driven Latin to drum 'n' bass mashup featuring a fired up trombone riot. The album continues on to a dubstep rework of Britney Spears' 'Toxic', through the grimey 'Hummingbird', uplifting 'Uncle Blaze', to a speeding arrangement of your favourite Pendulum tracks, all captured within the framework of the crowd's irrevocable energy and involvement. After the legendary 'Sousamaphone', the album concludes with their much-loved rendition of Bon Jovi's 'Livin' On A Prayer' and Toots And The Maytals' '54-46 (Was My Number)'.