Catalogue Number
Release Date
20th April 2018
1. Day Job Wanker / 2. Christmas In A Crackhouse / 3. Flummoxed More That Jealous / 4. Ride It Out / 5. Thank You / 6. Hope / 7. As The Rest Of The World Sleeps / 8. My New Safe Place / 9. Judas Betrayers / 10. Faith / 11. She Knows It / 12. Me And Curtis
Spearheaded by songwriter Alex Johnson, Wonk Unit are a punk rock band from South London, UK. Having formed in 2006, the band have built a reputation on the underground circuit as one of the most entertaining and successful DIY bands, with a relentless touring, recording and release schedule over the years. Inspired by the mundane, frontman Alex Johnson, who speaks openly about his road to sobriety, is a recovering drug addict and alcoholic. Wonk Unit is Johnson's release. Love, lust and extreme beauty. Terror is 12 slices of everyday life (and death), dealing with issues such as loyalty ('Christmas In A Crack House'), jealousy ('Flummoxed More Than Jealous'), trying to start a family ('Hope'), insomnia ('As The Rest Of The World Sleeps'), prescription drug addiction from injury ('Ride It Out') and love ('Safe Place'), all shot through with Alex Brindle Johnson's trademark brand of wide-eyed indignation, contempt, and brutal honesty mixed-up with a liberal dose of black humour along the way.