Catalogue Number
Release Date
17th November 2017
Nervous Racehorse
Side A: 1. Wood Pigeon / 2. Lewisham / 3. Nan / 4. Go Easy / 5. Siobhan / 6. There's Me / 7. Kings Road Sporting Heroes / 8. The Trail. Side B: 1. The Blonde / 2. Heroin / 3. I Love My Nagging Wife / 4 . Depresssed / 5. New Years Resolution / 6. Ghost Writer / 7. Take Me Home / 8. Kings Road Sporting Heroes (single mix)
A special pressing of Wonk Unit's 4th album for the first time on vinyl. Discussing the album, Alex from Wonk Unit said a 'big watershed moment in the life of Wonk Unit was Nervous Racehorse. So there we were, minding our own business when those nice people from TNS asked if we wanted to release our 4th record with them. And didn't it just bring us to a wider audience and expand our Northern family. Yes it did! Racehorse was Muffy on steroids. Some classic tunes on this one. Go Easy, Lewisham, Nan, Nagging Wife. The list goes on. Racehorse was the album when we perfected the Wonk formula and when hit our stride.' Wonk Unit are one of the most unique bands in punk rock today, with an incredibly eclectic mix of sounds that's impossible to describe; you just need to hear it. The almost poetry driven vocal style adds to the band's originality. The catchy melodies are so memorable that you will be singing along for days.