Catalogue Number
Release Date
24th March 2017
Between Green & Gone
1. Train / 2. Cracks / 3. Warning / 4. Given All / 5. Unknown / 6. Don't Be Hard On Me / 7. Float / 8. Missed You / 9. All Over / 10. Stay
Vancouver native and songwriting prodigy Miriam Jones is excited to announce the release of her new album Between Green & Gone, a concise collection of poignant short stories in song form delivered with a grit & warmth that puts Jones firmly in the Bonnie Raitt & Joan Osborne class of tough but soulful exponents of Americana roots music. A native of British Columbia, part of Miriamís childhood was spent in Papua New Guinea where her dad was teaching at a theological college. Her mum grew up in Nashville and Miriam spent a lot of her childhood there. Some years later Miriam eventually found herself back in Nashville making a record with Grammy award winning producer Charlie Peacock at the controls. The resulting album Being Here (2008) was a mixture of Folk-Pop and classic song writing redolent of the greats of early 70ís southern California. Miriamís follow-up album Fire-Lives, in late 2010, was recorded live in her Oxford terrace house. Two tracks from the album were subsequently rerecorded at Abbey Road for singles that brought her to the attention of broadcasters, critics and listeners across the UK. The resulting new album contains ten, four-minute tales, featuring characters that could have leaped straight from the pages of Anne Tyler or Raymond Carver.