Catalogue Number
Release Date
23rd June 2017
Second Act
1. Questions / 2. The First Break / 3. Departure / 4. Losing Cool Introduction / 5. Losing Cool / 6. Empty / 7. Heightened / 8. Sharon / 9. Welcome To New York / 10. Apprehension / 11. Acrobat
After five years in New York City, Alex Goodman has not only established himself as a rising star and significant voice in the jazz mecca, but has gathered together a gifted group of peers, each of whom are quickly forging a path forward for the musicís next generation. The guitarist/composer began his career in his native Toronto, becoming an integral part of the scene in the Canadian city and receiving a wealth of accolades across the country. The CBC News hailed him as having "taken the jazz world by storm [and] attained a level of fame and success in the insular jazz community that few other Canadian guitarists can match". In 2014 he received international recognition winning both first prize and the Public's Choice Award at the Montreux Jazz Festival International Guitar Competition in Switzerland. Goodmanís last release, Border Crossing, documented his initial reactions to his move to NYC and his acclimation to a new setting. With his fifth album, Second Act, Goodman looks poised to make a similar impact in his adopted home, revealing a vision shaped by the Big Apple's thriving modern jazz scene and by the dedicated and accomplished group of musicians with which he has surrounded himself. As the title implies, Second Act signals a new beginning as much as the closing of a particular period, and the album's eleven striking compositions more than live up to that promise. A stunning departure from the chamber-jazz style of Border Crossing, the music on Second Act balances inventive composition and thrilling improvisation, with pieces that boast exhilarating, fluidly angular melodies and intricate architecture but which spark electrifying spontaneity from Goodman and his deft quintet. Goodman is joined by four peers who have also come to the city from a variety of disparate places and experiences: saxophonist Matt Marantz (Texas), pianist Eden Ladin (born in NYC but raised in Israel), bassist Rick Rosato (Montreal) and drummer Jimmy Macbride (Connecticut). Alex Goodman has been hailed as "a definite musical voice" (Guitar International), "a jazz phenomenon the world over" (Birmingham Times), "genius" (La Presse) and "among the best in jazz today" (Improvijazzation).