Catalogue Number
Release Date
23rd November 2018
Looking For The World
1. Too Many Cars / 2. Doin' The Time / 3. Gold Dust / 4. She's All Kooky / 5. Periscope / 6. Looking For The World / 7. A Love That's True / 8. The Haunting Of Hetty Biggs / 9. Gypsy / 10. This Green & Unpleasant Land / 11. A Place In My Game / 12. Those Shoes / 13. Rosie's Brother / 14. Queen Of Hearts
Michael Armstrong is a British singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He is heavily influenced by the great music and bands of the 1970's such as Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac, ELO, Supertramp and The Eagles as well as the legendary song-writers such as Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan and James Taylor. His music, whilst firmly seated in the 21st Century, unashamedly has a retro-feel about it and has won him plaudits both young and old. He has a knack of producing instantly memorable pop songs, lyrically and musically engaging, as well as epic-sounding tracks, all of which has led him to be described in some quarters as the 'British Billy Joel'. #LookingForTheWorld, Michael's second album, is a collection of 14 original songs, inspired by the greatest artists of all time. As he explains: 'I set about the task of making an album 'like they used to'. Real songs, real musicians and real life. It is an album with a beginning, middle and end. I wanted to listen to a new album that resonated with the music that I love and that still , to this day, is played on the radio across the globe... #LookingForTheWorld looks back to a golden era. It derides the dumbing down of society, celebrates family, looks at love and fidelity, gives a kick to reality TV, touches on the state of world politics... As with my debut album I've been lucky enough to enlist the help of some incredible musicians, not least, legendary guitarist Elliott Randall, famed for his work with Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers and, in particular, for that solo on Reelin' In The Years.' A dedicated touring artist, Michael has performed with some of the biggest names in the business. He has spent over two years 'on the road' headlining his own shows as well as appearing as a special guest on major tours with Leo Sayer, Vonda Shepard, T'Pau, Beverley Craven, Dean Friedman & The Hollies' Peter Howarth. He has also collaborated and worked alongside massive global stars including Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Cliff Richard, Mark Knopfler, Glenn Frey, Chris de Burgh, Russell Watson, Hank Marvin, Michael Ball and countless others. #LookingForTheWorld features: Michael Armstrong - vocals, backing vocals, guitar, piano & electric piano; Warren Bennett - drums, bass guitar, keyboards, guitars & more!; Elliott Randall - guitar; Stephen Walters - bass guitar; Ed Barker - saxophones & clarinet; Keith Bayley - guitars; Simon Lockyer - cello & strings; Gavin Thomas - harmonica.