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24th November 2017
Tatts: Live In Brunswick 1982
1. Out Of This Place / 2. Bad Boy For Love / 3. Assault And Battery / 4. Tramp / 5. We Can't Be Beaten / 6. Butcher And Fast Eddy / 7. Rock And Roll Is King / 8. Texas / 9. One Of The Boys / 10. Branded / 11. Revenge / 12. Juice On The Loose / 13. Rock And Roll Outlaw / 14. Scarred For Life
14 tracks recorded at Melbourne's Bombay Bicycle Club in Brunswick in 1982 and mastered for loyal fans in 2017! Here's an album that takes you back thirty-five years; the Australian pub rock scene was at its peak, live music was everywhere, and so was Rose Tattoo, becoming one of Australia's most revered rock bands of all time, known for their peerless, raw, heavy blues rock, hot mix of slide guitars, and the unmistakable voice of Angry Anderson. Featuring classics like 'Assault And Battery', 'Scarred For Life' and 'Rock And Roll Outlaw', Tatts: Live In Brunswick was recorded when rock was king and Rose Tattoo Angry Anderson, Pete Wells, Rob Riley, Geordie Leach and Dallas 'Digger' Royall was at its most formidable. What lies ahead in 2018? Rose Tattoo will be releasing a brand new album and will be touring worldwide, with their new line-up featuring a certain Mark Evans on bass!