Catalogue Number
Release Date
24th November 2017
Rise Up
1. Monolith / 2. Bastards Luck / 3. Endurance (Ode To A Wasted Youth) / 4. My War, My Way / 5. First Sin / 6. Takedown / 7. D.T.O.M. / 8. Rise Up / 9. Blacklisted / 10. Turn Your Head Around / 11. Rub Of The Green / 12. Sydney
One of the most successful hardcore bands in Australia's history, Toe To Toe fronted by singer Scott Mac wear their influences on their tattooed sleeves and are renowned for their dedication to the ethics of 80's hardcore. Passion, intensity and intelligence delivered through the aggressive fusion of metal,punk and old school hardcore that is raw, on edge and completely honest. 'Rise Up' features 12 brand new tracks and is a statement to the band's longevity. Since forming a quarter of a century ago in 1992, their tale is one of survival, struggle and total conviction. Raging against the current state of the world, Toe To Toe's message is just as important and potent (if not more so) today than at any time throughout their career. Two singles have been released from the album to prime fans for the album release. The anthemic call to arms that is the title track, 'Rise Up' and an ode to their hometown, 'Sydney'.