Catalogue Number
Release Date
23rd September 2016
Under Milk Wood
Disc 1: 1. Opening Titles / 2. Organ Morgan Plays / 3. Captain Cat Shanty / 4. Mog Edwards Sings / 5. This Little Piggy / 6. Waldo's Water / 7. Take Them Off / 8. Organ Morgan Plays & Sings / 9. Garden Of Eden / 10. Sunrise / 11. Tonga Fach / 12. Pugh's Poison / 13. Mrs Pugh Looks Out / 14. Washing Line Dance. Disc 2: 1. Nogood Boyo / 2. Pritchard Postman / 3. Mrs. Pugh / 4. Fertitlity / 5. Silent Movie / 6. Dai Bread Turkish / 7. I Loved A Man / 8. Sinbad Sniffs / 9. Tango Pugh / 10. Organ Morgan Plays Again / 11. Captain Cat Rumba / 12. SnM / 13. Eli Jenkins / 14. Two Women Sing / 15. The Chimbley Song / 16. Myfanwy's Boudoir / 17. I Loved A Man Part Two / 18. Eli Jenkins Prayer / 19. The Chimbley Reprise
This soundtrack to Kevin Allen's adaptation of Dylan Thomas's 'Under Milk Wood' features the entire film with all the dialogue and Rhys Ifansí first voice narration, and includes contributions from many musicians, in particular the composer Mark Thomas whose work underpins everything. Film critic Geoffrey McNab said, 'This is a film that you can watch with your eyes shut and still enjoy'. The soundtrack was recorded in the specially re-opened Ty Dylan Thomas [formerly BBC Alexandra Road] where Dylan Thomas himself recorded. The OST features Charlotte Church, who stars in the film, and works from Verdi, Chopin, Elgar J.S. Bach and more. The score was rendered by a full symphony orchestra and a specialist ensemble comprised of Chris Garrick [jazz violin], Alan Barnes [saxophones, alto and bass flute], Jim Lynch [trumpet], Andy Wood [trombone], Dick Roberts [piano and Hammond organ], John Parricelli [guitar], Jeremy Brown [bass], Griff Harries [flutes], Roy Dodds [drums and percussion], Paul Smith [drums]. There was also hurdy gurdy, accordions and harmonium alongside the Willis pipe organ at the Brangwyn Hall, Swansea for 'Organ Morganís' musical journey through his dreams played by Jeff Howard, Dick Roberts and Dave Cottle. Mark Thomas and Kevin Allen developed a style for the featured music in keeping with the surreal, humorous and erotically charged scenarios. Certain songs and music cues needed to be tailored during filming and Mark was often required to be on set to adapt set pieces and to rehearse cast members. This 87 minute Original Sound Track of 'Under Milk Wood' is treat for all fans of Dylan Thomas and indeed the arts of both film making and music.