Catalogue Number
Release Date
23rd September 2016
1. Buffalo / 2. You Can't Help Who You Love / 3. Loop Hole / 4. Scavengers / 5. The Carcass And The Pride / 6. Man Of The Land / 7. Kissing In Traffic / 8. Wishbone / 9. Everything Is Temporary
Known for her quirky, insightful, poetic lyrics and insidious melodies, Ruth Theodore is excited to announce the release her fourth solo album, Cactacus. The recording sessions saw Ruth crossing the Atlantic to collaborate with Todd Sickafoose, best known for his work with Ani DiFranco, as well as recently producing two awardwinning albums for Anais Mitchell. Ruth travelled and performed her way through California and up into Oregon, to work alongside a stellar cast of musicians including organist Rob Burger (Tom Waits, Willie Nelson), percussionist Mathias Kunzli (Regina Spektor, Lauryn Hill), and Violinist Jenny Scheinman (Lucinda Williams, Lou Reed). Cactacus features Ruth’s distinguishable songwriting style and honest lyricism at its core. Her voice, guitar and piano, cocooned in soulful male backing vocals contribute to a deliberate sexual tension, most prevalent in the abstract and moody ‘The Carcass And The Pride’. Theodore’s string and vocal arrangements are deliberate and dramatic, whilst Sickafoose softens the edges with depth and texture. Songs such as ‘Everything is Temporary’ and ‘Loop Hole’ refer back to Ruth’s much loved patch of land in Hackney, whilst ’Scavengers’ is a playful but fierce social comment on the rapid influx of privilege to the arts in East London. First single ‘You Can’t Help Who You Love’ tells the story of a battle with cancer from the perspective of the carer (which was four years in the writing), where as ‘Kissing in Traffic’ and ‘Wishbone’, are out and out love songs. Following the recording and release of the first of her three self-produced records through River Rat Records, Ruth moved on to a tiny narrow boat with no heating or electricity on the River Lea in East London. This has been her home for the last 10 years. The river and the land on which she moors have been a great source of inspiration, and keen to continue creating on the water Ruth has single-handedly converted a larger boat into a studio space which has become the base for her band and other local musicians and is now home to one of the most unique and truly intimate house concert music events in London.