Catalogue Number
Release Date
25th August 2017
Killers Of The Deep
1. Yaya Pop / 2. The Complete History Of Soul Music / 3. One Last Thrill / 4. Swirl / 5. Killer On The New Tube / 6. Can't Get The Devil / 7. Callilia / 8. Red Red Red / 9. Cheetahs Always Win / 10. Music Break Out
Sharks were originally formed in 1972 by Andy Fraser after the demise of Free, who left the band before their second album, Jab It In Yore Eye, which gained them a cult following amongst the punk cognoscenti, including The Clash, Chrissie Hynde and The Sex Pistols. The latter worked with Sharks' Chris Spedding on the demos for Never Mind The Bollocks. Over the last 40 years guitarist/singer Spedding and singer/composer Steve 'Snips' Parsons have performed and recorded with the likes of Paul McCartney, Johnny Marr, The Sex Pistols, Ginger Baker, The Cramps, Elton John, Roxy Music, Tom Waits and The Wombles. After Andy Fraser's death in 2015, Spedding and Parsons decided to reform Sharks and are joined in this new incarnation by keyboard player Nick Judd, who played on 'Jab It In Yore Eye' in 1974, along with bassist Tosh Ogawa and ex-Sex Pistol Paul Cook on drums. The original band offered a mix of the blues rock and pub rock of the 1970s and the snarl that would influence the punk rock movement that would arrive a few years later. That formula survives with Killers Of The Deep, which was recorded in 3Ms' Smokehouse Studios in London and features a classy cover by comic book legend Shaky Kane. This album is an acknowledgement of the band's performing and song writing quality and a vindication of the decision to reform Sharks.