Catalogue Number
Release Date
22nd February 2019
Songs From Various Places
1. Jurassic Park / 2. I Heard It All / 3. Wow! / 4. Beluga Whale / 5. Set In Stone / 6. A Friend (Who Isn't Me) / 7. Water (You've Got To Have It) / 8. Goodbye / 9. Stand Up / 10. Wine
Songs From Various Places is the impressive new album from London based songwriter Simon Stanley Ward. A respected figure on the London Folk and Roots scene, and more recently now a regular in comedy clubs across the capital, Simon is a unique songwriter and performer with a strong streak of the surreal running through his impassioned, country music veins. Emotional depth permeates his tenor voice, although this consummate entertainer's songs don't always go where you'd expect. Songs From Various Places is Simonís second album release and a step away from his classic country debut released back in 2015. This time the record is personality driven, rather than genre driven, and therefore kaleidoscopes through Simon's musical styles, with each tale covering another interesting subject matter along the way. The music is impressive, from the energetic punk/rock opener Jurassic Park to the soulful vintage-pop sound of Beluga Whale, to a song about Water (You Have To Have It). Although not a comedy album, there is no doubt Simonís adventureís in the stand-up world, combined with his love and experience in the world of country and rock n roll, have opened him up creatively to follow his instincts, resulting with Songs From Various Places. Simonís live shows are entertaining and engaging with a perfect mix of music and comedy. With influences such as Elvis, Bob Dylan and John Prine, at best his performances can be gut-wrenchingly moving and just moments later silly, self-deprecating and hilarious. Joining Simon is his impressive band The Shadows Of Doubt who have been working alongside him since 2013; a highly experienced, skilled and versatile outfit which includes Paul Lush (lead guitarist/producer), Neil Marsh (drums) and Geoff Easeman (bass guitar). Paul was nominated for Best Instrumentalist at The 'UK Americana Awards' in 2016 for his work with Danny and The Champions of the World, whilst drummer Neil Marsh has also toured with county/folk group Ahab, folk singer Jason McNiff and can be seen playing in blues combos at Ronnie Scott's jazz club.